Radio Broadcaster, Writer, Academic: The Diamond was a Boss Jock & rocknroll DJ at some Americas biggest radio stations.

Diamond’s Influence – Quotes From Students

black_hills_state_universityAs a professor, Diamond was a big influence. These are a few quotes and memories by his students collected by Heather Murchel.

“I remember meeting Dave Diamond for the first time in 2002 when I first toured

Black Hills State University,” said former student Aaron Nelson. “Growing up in a

small, eastern South Dakota town my general upbringing had been to think within

the box. I remember meeting with Diamond for 20 minutes and thinking how

radical his thinking was and how cool it would be to have him as an instructor.

It was one year later I found myself at Black Hills State University studying mass

communications. He was an inspiration and a free thinker. He has certainly left an

impression on the world!”

– Aaron Nelson


“It’s because of Diamond’s constant push to go BIG and his unconventional teaching

methods that I interned with a record label in Los Angeles,” said former student

Ross Lillebo. “After graduating (in 2000) was able to circumvent smaller radio

markets and jump straight to a top 25 market in Denver. He taught me to never

accept the status quo and forge my own path.”

– Ross Lillebo


“This incredible man has helped me become the successful professional woman I am

today. I attended BHSU in the late 90’s. The crew of broadcasters that were in school

at the same time along with ‘The Diamond’ are the best people I have ever met,” said

former student Darby Warne Boyd. “The most important thing Diamond ever taught

me was to be myself! The thousands of other life lessons he taught were a big part of

my life. I love and live by many of ‘Diamond’s Rules to Live By.’ I also consider this

incredible man to be one of my most precious friends. His insight and wisdom speak

well beyond his years! Diamond I love you!”

– Darby Warne Boyd



Julia Easton graduated from BHSU with a mass communications degree and is

a graduate student at South Dakota State University. She worked closely with

Diamond and mentored several students over the four years.

“Today, we say goodbye to an amazing professor and dear friend. A man who was

fully committed and connected to his students which proved evident by the fact

that he continued to teach long after his own successful radio and communications

career,” said Easton, who is poised to graduate with her masters in 2015. “… David

Diamond was instrumental in my decision to join the mass communication field. He

sparked a passion within me to pursue my love for communications, which I have

been involved with since graduation. Thank you professor, Diamond, for your love,

your passion and for your friendship. You will be forever missed.”

– Julia Easton



Richard Sands is the publisher of alternative radio newsweekly “The Sands Report”

and former program director of LIVE 105 in San Francisco, Calif.

“I listened to Dave Diamond when I was a kid on KBLA in Los Angeles. He had

a show that was the rhythm of the city at the time, playing songs from ‘The

Doors,’ ‘Love,’ ‘The Seeds,’ ‘Strawberry Alarm Clock,’ and many other local and

national cutting edge artists,” said Sands. “The show was totally unique in so many

ways, and inspirational, as he would blend poetry and fun into his three levels

of ‘The Diamond Mine.’ Thanks to Dave, I followed my dream into radio, where I

have spent my entire professional career.” He added that he may have done one of the last interviews with Diamond where he

provided lots of wisdom to my readers in “The Sands Report” last March.

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