Radio Broadcaster, Writer, Academic: The Diamond was a Boss Jock & rocknroll DJ at some Americas biggest radio stations.

The Diamond: Break On Through


Dave Diamond passed on Monday afternoon. He was peaceful at home.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

Diamond meant a lot to many people, changed lives, and instilled a sense of good vibes rocknroll in everyone he touched.

He will be missed, but his spirit lives on.

Break on through, Diamond, break on through.

Diamond’s Laws To Live By

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  1. Got The Doors dialed to 11 and a cheap whiskey queued up for you today, buddy. Shine on, you crazy Diamond. Thanks for everything.

  2. “Hang On To Your Life” by The Doors

    Sweet bird of prey you’ve gone below
    All soft and black it’s time to grow
    Don’t be afraid to touch the light
    Don’t run from love in the starless night

    Hang on to your life it’s begun now
    Hang on paradise here we come now
    Life is like the wind, where does it begin?

    Time come again, where’s your day now?
    Bring me your sunlight, it’s the way now
    Just spread your wings and taste the sky
    It’s time to laugh, it’s time to fly
    The mountain air is clear and bright
    Your shadow world is endless night

    Hang on to your life it’s begun now
    Hang on paradise here we come now

    Hang on to your life it’s begun now
    Hang on paradise here we come now
    Life is like the wind, where’s it gonna end?

    Thinking of your laugh today, so blessed to have learned so many incredible life lessons and shared so many wonderful time with a person as special as you. All my love Diamond.

  3. I am so sorry to hear of Dave’s passing. My condolences to Dave’s family, loved ones, and the many people he touched with his talent, quick wit, and love of life.

    Dave was not only a talented writer, DJ, and professor, but a man of kindness and compassion. I had the pleasure or knowing Dave when he was at KFRC in San Francisco, 1967. Remember his beautiful ’67 Cadillac El Dorado, his apartment on Franklin Street and a man who was just full of life who treated everyone with respect. Dave will be truly missed!

  4. Sad to hear another great rock jock gone to that radio station in the sky. When you listened to him on the air you couldn’t help but feel good.

  5. You were a truly remarkable man Diamond and so selfless to share your experiences and knowledge with all of us. Coming from a small town in South Dakota as did you I would never have had my eyes opened to the endless possibilities and directions available. Thanks for all the laughs, memories and wisdom.

  6. Will there be a memorial service? If so, where and when? So very sad. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t met and worked for him.

  7. Dave was one of the major influences in my media life growing up in the San Fernando Valley…He always exhibited a poised and polished delivery on all the radio stations I heard him on when he took us to the depths of “The Diamond MIne”…

    Know he is spinnin’ them in DJ heaven right now…

    Put together his final hour on KBLA from way back when with this video on my FB page that salutes LA radio talent…


  8. RIP, cousin…………
    Roberta Breuer

  9. Dave Diamond was a true pleasure to listen to during his days on KFRC. I loved his amazing talents every night “deep in the Diamond Mine”. To his family I send my deepest sympathy.

  10. One of the all time greatest talents ever in the medium. He was shockingly great. When I was a kid visiting my family in SF (around 68)…I would sit in the car with the radio on to hear his next break. A genius and was never copied because he was just that special.

  11. Incredible memories of Friday afternoons at Bob Roe’s in Sioux City, IA listening to the highlights and lowlights of his career as he guided and advised me. Pulling no punches and passing along what he thought I’d need to make me better. He was an incredible giving, witty and real person. I will be forever grateful for his support and the opportunities he gave me. My deepest sympathy to his family. He is already missed.

  12. I remember like it was yesterday we were sitting in Jim’s Lounge sipping Absolute and chatting with that hot redhead. You were my first mentor, Dave. You’ll forever be remembered. Peace.

  13. Dave, I love you–save a seat at Jim’s Lounge.

  14. Thanxs for letting us know to find this on the web. I think of Dave every year. its just a thang. All those nites when I was a teenager, listening to the last darling song of Good nite my Luv – its was like having the gold in your mind and life without the need for all others. We were the luckiest. The Doors played in our high school in 1968. Jim cut loose with the porn poem and got the power cut off by our Drama Teacher-yelling, “That does it! I have to clear the stage for practicing the Wizard of Oz!” ….
    and the band Love. Nuttin ‘ like it in th whole world-except Spirit-live.
    “As you walk knee deep through the peace fuz forest of your mind, in Dave Diamond’s Diamond Mine….”

  15. I was a frequent visitor to the Diamond Mine whilst still a young “barely a teen”… Dave helped me do my homework every night in jr. high school…the Doors helped too, thanks to Dave….somehow I managed to get out of “HIGH” school with honors. 53 years later, I still think of him and how the music he introduced me to influenced my life. I’ve suffered some hearing loss from always playing it LOUD, but Dave is probably glad that my children and grandchildren love the same music just as loud.
    Thanks Dave, God bless you.


  1. Break on Through: Remembering The Diamond | Dan Patterson

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