Radio Broadcaster, Writer, Academic: The Diamond was a Boss Jock & rocknroll DJ at some Americas biggest radio stations.

Diamond’s Laws #6

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Diamond’s Laws to Live By #6

People hung up by habit lead boring, routine lives. They become psychological antiques. They do the same old things; look for the same things in relationships that caused the breakup of their last relationship. Are you hung up by old habits?
Never do anything that taints you mind. Wrong actions cause negative or evil mental vibrations that are reflected in your appearance and personality.

Engage in actions and decisions that nurture the good qualities you want to have.

Wear a smile and you will always have friends.

Be a smile millionaire.
The life given to us by nature is SHORT. The memory of a well-spent life is eternal. – Cicero
Loneliness is not cured by another relationship. It’s is time to find out who YOU really are.
Do you have a PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT? What is it you want to be, what kind of life do you want, how do you intend to deal with truth and honesty as opposed to lies and cheating? Successful people write a mission statement and read it three times a week.
What are the problems in your life now? Can you see how they might help your growth? Always face a problem straight up. Get behind you.
Don’t lie! This is a good rule. If you always tell the truth you will never have to remember what you said. You will never be wrong. You will build Powerful Karma.
What is your Definite Major Purpose in life? You will never amount to anything unless you have goals. Write them down under your mission statement. Read three times a week.
What you expect of others, you should do first.

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