Radio Broadcaster, Writer, Academic: The Diamond was a Boss Jock & rocknroll DJ at some Americas biggest radio stations.

Dave Diamond, KFRC, 1968 [audio]

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  1. hi dave williams aka diamond, how are you i remember listening to your last nite on khj with robert w morgan, pretty emotional i bet, another am gone as most are now, now sports and talk. im a dj sat afternoons on cfrc 12noon to 2pm check me out thanks email me back about kfrc, khj what was it like to work at two big ams

  2. I want to thank You for the Post Card from South Dakota that you sent to my Grand Daughter in the second grade Georgia several years ago. I’m glad to have been living in an era with you. Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do.

  3. Floods of nostaglia of listening to the Big 610 on my transistor radio while riding my Sting Ray bike at 10 years old. Dave Diamond, Bobby Ocean..KFRC was better than KYA (although KDIA was also a favorite). Thanks for the memories, Dave.

  4. Dave Diamond was the best. “It’s 9:00 o’clock in the City and we’re Dealing from Bush or we’re Burning from Bush great intro. I was 16 and those were good times… God Bless!

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