Radio Broadcaster, Writer, Academic: The Diamond was a Boss Jock & rocknroll DJ at some Americas biggest radio stations.

The Home of Dave Diamond

Howdy – this is the home of broadcaster and professor Dave Diamond. The webmonkeys (read: former students) are in the process of constructing this place, but you can drop the Diamond an email at davediamond [at] bhsu [dot] edu or leave a comment below.

Some time soon this site will include a background and history of Dave Diamond, air checks form his days at LA’s KFI and San Francisco’s KFRC, and three episodes of his Diamond Mine podcast.

If you’re a former student of Diamond’s, worked with him, or remember listening to him on air, we’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Hi, this is just a test comment; not much to see here.
    We’re currently constructing the new home of Diamond. If you’re a former student or remember listening to Diamond, feel free to comment below – we’d love to hear from you! Also, here’s the site RSS feed for syndicated updates. Thanks!

  2. I'm looking for Diamond's Laws to Live By … once I come across a few where should I submit them guys?

  3. Hi! I’m a former student of Dave Diamond back in the mid 90’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the discipline or drive to complete his course or the others I was attending at the time. However, I will say that Professor Diamond made an obvious and lasting impression. I think of him often and have written three books of my own and own a small publishing business. All in part, thanks to him!

  4. i used to listen to dave on kbla, and other l.a. radio stations back in the 60s. i just wanted to thank you for all the hours of fun i spent in the “diamond mine.”
    and also to thank you for influencing me in my career choice…radio! nowadays, i just write about radio in the sands report, but i have fond memories of your great radio shows.
    so, from afar and a fan,
    thank you!
    richard sands

  5. I worked on eight radio stations and three TV stations in a long career, but the greatest were working with the always-cool Dave Diamond in small markets, (Peoria, IL & Knoxville, TN), before he was rich and famous when we were both poor and infamous. (I once walked off the air and quit in protest when a station fired him.) A lovely, talented human being. I hope this finds him alive, well and still ready for a laugh. – Jack Etzel

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